Sunday, December 15, 2013

Blogger's Dream

This happened over 24 hours ago.

And I only have the chance to blog about it now! AFTER 24 hours..!
As a blogger (ehemmm... hemm!), this is not normal. I thought,
if this moment ever happened to hanicomb, it would
go up on the blog within 10 minutes!

No it did not.
But I have a legitimate excuse.

From about 11am yesterday till late at night, I was bombarded with emails, facebook inboxes, and whatsapp messages... after darling Hanis Zalikha posted a photo of hanicomb necklaces on her instagram. My email and whatsapp up there for show 0_0

IT WAS SOO COOOOLLL!!!!!! weEEeeeeHhhoooooo! yEssSSSsss!!!!

woh!  :D

YeaaH..!  * banyak sudah exclamation mark :P *

Since I started blogging five years ago, Hanis Zalikha's blog has been one of the few blogs I'd stay updated with from time to time. You can say, I'm her fan lah... =)

When we started hanicomb, it was like a little dream to see Hanis wearing one of the pieces. She still hasn't posted a photo of herself wearing hanicomb bib necklace yet though, but, hopefully we'll see one :)

But seeing 'rita' and 'sofiya' on Hanis Zalikha (THE Hanis Zalikha!) instagram and facebook page WAS JUST AMAZEBALLS!! 

It was a dream coming true :)

Syukor alhamdulillah.. Thank you Hanis Zalikha :*

And Kak Siti liked them tooo!! :D

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