Monday, November 25, 2013

Last Night With SK

It's been a long while since I visited Sushi King. All just to savour on the yummilicious salmon sashimi! 

But last night!

Last night changes everything! ... so to speak ;)

Darling Seri registered back into campus to continue with her 4th semester....... 'I'll start work already next sem Ma..'

GuLp!! O_O

'Practical laa Ma..' 

Ohh wow..! Practical already?? So fast time flies peeps?  Am I the only person's feeling that?? Ohh my.. my babies :(

So, I decided to treat her with another one of her favourite meals, the sushi shiimashi!! Heeheee :D She enjoyed her dinner very much at Barong Tinok the other night... I knew she's been wanting to have 'linut' for quite sometime so we both went. Papa, Hani and Arman went to McDonald's instead, they're not the Linut-y types :P Rugi!!

Anyways... Since I started going to Sakae for the salmon sashimi, I've abandoned Sushi King almost entirely. Just because of the slight difference in pricings :)

Darling, I'm falling in love all over again with Sushi King because of the awesome Salmon Avocado platter!! *LoVe!!* I do hope they keep it like this; nice and generous. Please God, keep it like this! :D


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