Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ayu's Home For Her Big Day

"i wonder if you know there are people who read your blog because they are amazed at the extent of self-loving attitude and narcissism displayed by people like you. and i dont mean this as a compliment. LOL ps: get a proper life"

Aaaaa.. the comment. From one very annoyed reader. 

I never published this comment that I received quite sometime ago. Almost forgotten all about it till I went through my unpublished comment... :)

Yoohoooo dear blog cop, sure hope you still follow my 'display' ya? Because these next pics are for the eyes of the beholder ;) 

Saturday; Ayu just arrived from KL for her convo next Tuesday here at the UiTM Kota Samarahan. I'm just so happy my kids are all with me... Had our late lunch, then while we're fixing our hair and handbags placings trying to be ready for Arman's ipad to snap pics of us, sister Siti (far right) just suddenly jumped in came out of nowhere and had her pic taken with us too. She's one sneaky photobomber!! :D

Sunday; My girls don't seem to fancy this cardigan that much that I got from cotton on. Well I like it! I've another colour in bright vermilion and you could wear them all day. Very friendly to our warm climate and very comfortable... Speaking of bright, I have been wearing loads of colours to work lately. but prefer more whites and greys during the weekends and after 5. hmmm... maybe it's an age thing. Just maybe..

Blog cop lovvvvves selfie, no?? This one's specially for you dear. 

Err.., blog cop, don't go yet. I've more :)

Sunday; So, part of the dress code is to wear fully covered black heels during the convocation. You know, I do wish they are toddlers once again. Arguing with your adult children would only give you unnecessary stress. So, I just let Ayu and Seri and Hani pick and choose the shoes, and new makeup (Seri knows what she's gonna do with her sister's hair and face alraydehhh people! 'Ma..! You'll need to fix your eyebrows too Ma.') for the big day. 

Ohh man. Leave my face alone pleeeeasssseee O_O

In need of an escape plan. Aduiishh!

Hmm.. I'm supposed to be on leave tomorrow, before the big day on Tuesday. But, mmm.... Sayang would have to get the 'surprise' by himself then. Hmmm... Hmmm.. Hmmmmmmmmm... Haiya! Hmmm...

We made sure we spend every precious moment together, that happened to be a lot to do with and about food =)

"Ma..., we look for laksa Sarawak tomorrow ya Ma..?" was the first thing Ayu asked from me the soonest she got inside the car after picking her up from the airport yesterday.

"Mee kolok too Ma.."

thanks Hani sayang for this collage :*

It was like how it always was... Eat, eat and eat. Loiter around the shopping mall for a bit, then, more and more eating. Hehehehheee..

By Sunday morning, mee kolok checked, laksa Sarawak done too! Ayu's a happy girl :)

......... hahahhaaaa.., I'm so bloated right now. Been eating non-stop. Bloating happily :D

After shoe shopping, we opted for a little fancy dinner at the Basaga. 

Arman loves the Basaga's Carbonara

Mine :)

Aaa.. aa!! I still try to stay a little bit on the healthy side.. A bit..
Warm water for easy digestion. Avoid cold and carbonated drinks, at all times, if you can ladies... Well, I heard it helps us women to stay youthful, beautiful, and tight! Tight all over I heard!! ;) OK. Ok, enough tips. Can google one ya..

I still remember that day, her first day of school. We had our Kancil back then, in 1996. She wanted so so bad to go to school and when the day finally came, she was so excited she waved a short goodbye to us, walked straight in and my baby today is already a young adult :') Time goes by too fast peeps, way too fast..

If you just started a family, be sure to spend lots of quality time with your loved ones. You will know why I told you so when you look back 20 years from now.

Have a good week darlings ;)


Farah Jasenu said...

i smell some jealousy! haha kesian nya pandey2 srh org get a proper life. pfft anyway aunty, seri's bag is so kacak! mind to share where she got it? :)

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hi love.. heheheee I also went online looking for it. Was hoping I could get it via click click, but no.. U have to go to H & M therrrreee in KL to get it. So kacakkkk kan? :)

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