Friday, November 29, 2013

Awesome November! ~ Our Proud Moment

Parents seated at the back could instantly tell that my daughter's moment was up! Yup!! I'm the proud mommy y'all!!! ;)

We waited patiently for three hours for her name to be up on the screen... When the time came, I couldn't contain my excitement! Picked up my phone and snapped as many as I could hoping to capture the perfect shot. The all mixed-emotions I was feeling, sadness, happiness, monkey-ness (I so wanted to climb on my chair and jump and scream out Ayu's name 'Yeaayyy!! GO AYU!!') .... but all I could do was sit like a woman! Yup! It was a very formal ceremony. Calm. Only Gods knows how parents were feeling inside that day. Me? I wanted to burst peeps!

Special shot from the front row by my dearest friend and Ayu's lecturer,
Datin Sharifah Suzana wife to the UiTM rector Prof Datuk Dr Jamil :)

Kept wiping tears from my eyes, tried hard holding it in. Luckily for sayang I was in control, otherwise I'd start wailing like a crazy mommy ^-^ 

Ayu on her 1st birthday,
and on her 1st graduation day

Yes... I pray there'll be more graduations to come , in shaa Allah.

Ayu with her Papa 2013 ~ 1994

You'd know how I feel if you're a mother :')

'OK Ma.. time to return the robe.. We're done here.'

'Already girl?? But, but it's only noon... Did we take enough pictures? We should dine with your robe still on. Better yet.. Let's bring it back home!! Shall we??! And we'll say we misplaced it or something!'

Of course no one listened to any of my brilliant plan. 

Congrats Congrats Congrats again girl!!

Mama's so proud of you sayang.. It's been an awesome month. 
Nothing makes me prouder than seeing my children succeed. 
Syukor Alhamdulillah Thank you Allah.

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