Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Switching Bags

I loved that MNG bag.. 
but it's time to move on

It took me two weeks to get this done! 

I purchased this super handbag organizer two weeks ago and only managed to organise the junks in my bag this evening -___-

Yaa yaa I know.. Even the PM has more time to spare, hmmm, let's switch places Mr PM sir..?? No. Okay I didn't think so.. Wenny must be wondering I must've forgotten to let her know if the organiser fit my handbags or not. Wenny of Swooshy Pink fb page has this organiser in various colours. Loving it so much!! ;) 

*Wenny love, it's perfect for my super-busy-I'm-way-busier-than-KateMiddleton lifestyle hun!* Go get your handbag organizer now sweetie pies.!  Get!

Visit Swooshy Pink fb page for more details

Loads of pockets inside out, made of light material and they are inexpensive. RM25 a pop! :*

I now can switch handbags annnyyyytime I loike! *Wink! Wink!*

>>>hello little missy, other people have been doing this for ages lahh!<<<


wenny said...

Thanks Ida... :)

N.Aima K said...

haha...kan? dah lama tau tapi nak beli beg organizer tu ambik masa lama huhuhu..

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