Thursday, October 17, 2013

Magic Touch on 'Love You Mr Arrogant'

I've been super busy. Very very busy.

Yaa.., and it shows.  How long has it been?? I do turn on the family notebook quite often but not to blog or update my status. You see, I've been watching loaddddsss of the local Malay dramas peeps! And I'm hooked! Heeheeeeeehee..

I've found a way to get me through the nights while sewing and beading my bib necklaces, to keep my sleepy eyes wide open actually. I'd get on tonton tv3, plug in the earphones and yeaayy!!! I'm soaped! ;)

I didn't start watching LYMA (Love You Mr Arrogant) when it first aired few weeks back till I decided to watch it online last week. Darling colleague suggested it.. I was sceptical at first (had enough of the love triangle stuff) but I was running out of episodes. So I just what the heck...! I lurrrve the drama!! One of the most entertaining and hilarious dramas I've seen.

So, I went on instagram one evening (ohh wow look at the time!! 10 minutes to 7pm!! Make sure already solat yaa?) ...where was I..... ok okay. One evening last week when I stumbled upon an account belongs to the one and only celebrity makeup artist for this cute drama. What struck me was how wonderful Elle's touch was on the casts. You can't tell the magic touch was done by one person. Some dramas I've seen, you could tell that the makeup was done by one person, as everyone has the same stroke/shades of eye shadow and blusher..

I commented on one of Elle's instagram posts and, we instantly become buddies overnight :D

Elle's so down to earth and is such a lovely soul. I say all these not because Elle's getting a couple of hanicomb bib necklaces, but because Elle is genuinely sweet! Although surrounded with celebrities and all..

I'm gonna mail the skull bib necklace to Elle by next week as this talented person is simply too busy at the moment to be home ;)

Yup! Love You Mr Arrogant is still shooting at this moment and they're in Penang now. 

Okay love.. gotta go now. Dinner, laundry..... Then a bit later it's tonton time !! :)
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