Sunday, October 20, 2013

Levis Revel Roadshow in Kuching

the cool freebies.. 

lurrrrve the perfect fit!! and I honestly believe you could really do your Yoga in these =)

The first time I've seen this kind of camera/video booth was on tv, at the Oscars. Celebrities would be ushered to this platform specially to have their pics snapped by dozens of camera placed 360° around them. Cool!

Did not plan on going to the shopping mall yesterday but daughter Seri said she needed to get some stuff at the pharmacy. We passed by the Levis Revel Roadshow booth and that's where I saw the giant photobooth.. it got me thinking...

1. Go ask. Never hurt to ask.
2. Need to purchase anything kahh??
3. So, go ask!
4. Aiyaa.. shy.. hmm, not the time to be shy woman! Need to do this. Because you're 40 already maaa..
5. Okay so let's eat first, get hubby and kids filled up then you can do your thang!

So I went to do my Levis Revel 360° selfie video with a full stomach!! Haahaaaa...! I had fun y'all!

Was so relieved when I got to know no purchase was needed to do the video, and to receive the super cool freebies!! :D

Nope, no purchase needed peeps.

Of course I instantly fell in love with the jeans the soonest I put them on, thanks to the so so very helpful nice sales rep for helping me to find my perfect fit!

Well ... I thought I wouldn't. But I did.
I'm so weak :p

I brought back home a pair.
A bit pricey, but worth every penny!! ;)

will try to upload the video here later.. 

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