Wednesday, October 23, 2013

If My Feet Could Sew ;)

Always a bit of a struggle when I dress for work in the morning. Don't want to think, don't want to thinkkkk!! 

No matter how much clothes a woman has in her closet, it's always... 
"I've nothing to wear!"

Now guys, this is quite the norm. Don't bother stressing yourself yapping ~ "I only have 7 basic shirts for office and you have a whole closet full with dresses blouses and you still don't have nothing to wear??!" it! We are like that maa... well, not all, but ermm, most of us are. 

What woman doesn't like getting all dolled up? Getting your hair and makeup done for a special night can be heaps of fun! :) But I suggest it's better you leave that bit to the expert, spending a little bit of money to look prettier IS okay. But do leave the accessorizing part to hanicomb! ;)

hanicomb handmade bib necklace 'Lia' :)

This gorgeous blue necklace is specially redesigned and hand-beaded for this weekend's annual company dinner. 'Redesigned' as it was inspired by the Ranjana Khan blue bib necklace :)

Nowwwww back to.... what to wear??

heheheheee. day and night, ... night and day. What to wear? What to wear??

Here's a super easy solution for you ladies (and men too! Kindly take note ya? Trust me! Surprise your woman with a special delivery and you'll thank me for it.) out there. You can find loads of fun super chic outfits by Ezra, the new in-house brand at the fastest growing online retailer, Zalora Malaysia. The collections surely would reduce my morning rush dilemma and you'll also find something you will definitely fall in love with for that special night.

I've received few more bib necklaces orders in a period of just two days O_O WoW! 

Ohh yes I'm so grateful with where we are at the moment; 'being overwhelmed' is my middle name now, 'Khadijah' is my third ;)

If only my feet could sew too!! :D

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