Thursday, September 26, 2013

S.O.S. for Miss Geruk

5 days notice is a very short time for one to be 100% prepared for a Ministry's function. I'm invited, syukor alhamdulillah, to do a small exhibition/display of my hanicomb necklaces. And of course I accepted the invitation, and with that, I panicked. 

I need a display thingy O_O  -oh man-

I need need need 'Miss Geruk'! Like a few! Errp. ('geruk' means leher / neck)

Would you believe my luck?? I posted on fb early in the morning and by noon time, I already had with me me 5 'Miss Geruk' at home!! I love FACEBOOK! So lucky I have such kind fb friends, and the particular one who presented me with the limited necklace display stands above was Lyzza :) 

With fb, I found what I need within 5 short hours! yeayyyy!! 

So, all the display stands are actually used but they are still in very very good conditions. I looked around town man.., can't find anything better than these. I did come across bold-half-body-mannequins-with-full-makeup but errmmm... No like liawww. They looked kinda weird and, eerie o_0 No hair some more! 

Thank god Lyzza came to the rescue. And we haven't even met before! :)

Her bridal shop, 'QASSEHKU BRIDAL' is located right opposite the bemmers cafe (next to SMK Petra Jaya) at Jalan Gita. Right above Mr Muscle Fitness Gym.

She decided to display her bridal accessories in covered boxed that's why the stands were kept away. Sooooo..., when she saw my 'S.O.S' call-out, she sent me an inbox message with this pic >>>>>>>>

Lyzza's message~ 
'Kak.. I have some I don't need anymore. The stands are the one on the rack"

We made appointment to meet the same day. I didn't want to wait another day
to get hold of the necklace stands. Thanks again Lyzza. You'e a true life saver! ;) 

QASSEHKU BRIDAL has everything from bridal gowns, beaded kebayas, 
makeup to dais (pelamin)

Getting married anytime soon..?
Well you better start making bookings now girl ;)

If you like what you see above, you can contact Lyzza at ;

Tingkat 2, Jalan Semarak
Gita, Kuching, Sarawak
013-829 7824

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