Friday, August 30, 2013

You're No Punching Bag!

Thanks for the lovely breakfast sayang... and oh ya..! 

And thanks for not hitting me (yet), today..

Only be with the person who would never ever hurt
you mentally or physically

He is for you to lean on, to love, to miss, to ask an LV from, to make you feel better when the office thingy was bothering annoying what not, someone to tell you 'No, you don't look fat..' when you DO feel that you are, to enjoy favorite meals with, to listen to your non-stop loud text-nag, to hug, to kiss..

But you are not for him to treat as a punching bag, literally.

Some women never left because they're with the idea that they have nowhere else to go. And some would rather keeping it mum because it would be an ultimate embarrassment to the so called perfect marriage. 

In most cases, these women are scared to death. Going to the police would be a NO NO because of being too frightened, or simply, still too much in love with their assailant, the husband (or partner). From what I gather, police wouldn't do much until you're dead, or at least badly beaten with blue black bruises enough for the authorities to press charges.  

I do hope, all women, the lovelies in my life, will choose wisely. The telltale signs are all there, most of the times. Sometimes, they don't show at all. Hell only comes knocking after the marriage solemnisation, or after awhile in the marraige. Men who beat up their women are animals!! losers!!! 

If he said he didn't mean to hit you, the first time, I think you can give him another chance. People do change. 

... Then there were the 7th time. I'd say, give me more time. And you, be patient and don't stop praying for a better marriage.

But you can't stay much longer if he starts beating you up real bad (you should know what is BAD) over spilled coffee on the kitchen floor. Leave, and never never never say you DO NOT WANT to report on the abuses. You cannot just leave, not making a report (police and medical) and expect to just put everything behind you. You know why?? Because, if he ever did it again, at least it will show it is not the first time he ever did it to you. 

He is supposed to be your knight in shining armour, your savior, 
not your live-in attacker!

I don't want to write more about this.. Can't stand the thought of women suffering.

* * *

Darlings, I hope you have a great weekend ya.

Till next post, mmuaahhh!! :)

I love this photo of us.
Almost dropped my BlackBerry while taking this shot ;)

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