Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Nia & Momo

Nia, "Huh..? With EmmO Wa??"

"Okay Wa Ida.. Hold on hold on yaa. Gotta prep Momo for our first pic together.."

"... closer Momo.. Ya yaa.., that's it."

"Heads up!"

"Now sit still..."

"Ready Momo?? Eyes wide open ... Wider."

Click!! Click!

Click Click........... Click!

"Err.. Wa Ida? I think that's enough.."

 "Am hungry Wa after all that preps & Momo won't sit still he's missing 
his Tom & Jerry on TV. Are we done??"

Me. "Done sayang.." :)

Nia and Momo. "Yeayyyy!! McD time!"

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