Thursday, August 1, 2013

Can't Let Go

And that is the family washing machine. She's  been a big help..

Ok ok.. This is not about Gillian.

Err, ya. That name just came to me the very moment I wanted to mentioned
our hard working washing machine. I just named our washing machine Gillian. hmm.

You notice that cute white cloth partially covering Gillian? They (2 pieces there) were handed down to me by my mother inlaw years ago, and they are precious to me. 

Why? Because they used to be my husband's baby cloth.. I can only guess mom used these yummy cotton material to wrap her baby, or were used to cover the baby's bed, or even as the baby's blanket. This cloth is as old as my hubby, like way over 40 years old. And I treasure them, until Seri found it in my cupboard, thinking they're just one of those old not-gonna-need-it-anymore pieces of material. Gillian had and old towel covering her but that one ended on the floor during an 'emergency' need-to-wipe-the-floor-like NOW-incident. There're two. I'm gonna clean one, and put it far far away so nobody would ever find it. Maybe they have holes in them that's why they look like rags. And I have other's kept away to.. Just that these two looked more like old cloth to my daugher so she decided to turn it into Gillian's cover. 

Yeah, it's hard for me to let go.. Speaking of letting go..

And that time to let my daughter live further away (for awhile) from me to pursue her studies is sooner than I thought. Has it been half a year since her Diploma days ended??

-oh man- I'm gonna miss my Ayu. I'm so so gonna miss her :(

Can't let go.

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