Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Because It's Hari Raya

the one necklace I wore with almost all my outfits
No. no extra time to make more necklaces for myself

This has been my busiest Raya ever.. pheww..! Was DUE for a massage yesterday but, but, that 'time of the month' thing got in the way. Sokay love, we'll book a 2 hour massage this weekend ya? Hopefully I'll get that much needed body pampering real soon, in shaa Allah. I really need it lah..., the last one was like probably 9 years ago, after my confinement with Arman. I'm so stiff now, the bone the limb the everything haiyooo. 0_o

It was like a madly overwhelming busy last few days of Ramadhan I left out the most important ingredient for making my laksa penang on Raya eve. Ya. Yup. I forgot to buy the fish.

The fish.

You cannot start to imagine my panic. It's not like it was 5pm on Raya eve, it was almost 10pm and the supermarkets were in the midst of doing their closings. Swell !!

Yaaa... no fish yet peeps! And I was supposed to serve it in 12 hours. 

Luckily sayang and Seri were on the road at that very moment picking up satay and such they managed to arrive at the supermarket in time. Wohhh...! I never forget these things people. I do not forget things OKAY! But well ya, I did. And that was crucial. I need an assistant. And what would an assistant who does work for free for you would say when you asked for their assistance??

yesterday, post raya;

Me- "Seri, mama has a lot of things to get in town today... Oh wow. Seri Seri! Remind me ya girl? Remind me to get eggs, green thread, more hard base for the cakes.. What else..? oh ya! We need more Hanicomb labels, and that cake for auntie Alin in the fridge, bring it along afterwards. Seri get a note book and write those down for me hun.."

Seri- mumbling, "You have a Note."


-oh man- I didn't know how I did it, but I managed to not forget putting on my undergarment on first before putting on my perfect baju Raya. I was exhausted to the max, my head was overload and my body was about to give way. Despite it all, I was so happy and excited welcoming the guests. Because it was Hari Raya :D

Would I do it again next year...??




You bet I would! :)

All those nights and days sewing and baking relentlessly was all worth it! Alhamdulillah... customers sent pics donning their hanicomb accessories paired with their most fabulous kurungs of the year made me feel so proud of myself and yea, I will do it all over again next year :D 

"Kak Ida your cake is Da BomBB!" :') *no words*

I tried to snap as much photos as I can, whenever there is a chance. Couldn't do it with everyone but when I did ran into a darling at the shopping mall, I said, "Come girl! Pic first then we do the speedy-chit-chat-catching-up-whatever-we-could in 2minutes thingy k??" 'CLICK!' Thereeeee... one precious pic for the album ;)

my daughters with my nieces

with the must-take-photo-together people during rayas (in laws from hubby's side)

my crazy awesome cousins (dad's side)

with my long lost beautiful cousins (mom's side)

with rapper Zii Azri (hubby's cousin)

darling doll blogger Dinah 
First time ever we met after years of knowing one another =)

Sarawak Celcom GM lovely Doris

fellow designer the pretty and talented Adinda
*heheheee.. ehemm! if you don't mind I'd like to address
myself as a designer now* ;)

with mom's cousin, Abang Noordin
I don't remember ever meeting him but I'm sure glad we all did alhamdulillah..

my sisters 

my sweethearts

our precious Nia

I've more selected pics to upload but we'll do that later ya? 

Seriously I'm still so very tired. Non-stop Raya-ing I tell you but I enjoyed every bit of it! The best part was I couldn't pick what to wear on some days as I've quite a number of baju Rayas to choose from! Hahahhaaaa... heheheheh So unlike past years. I remember one time I even wore my sister's old kebaya with a hole in it on the 2nd day of Hari Raya. LoL! 



Coffee Girl said...

Hey! im there! awesome! sooooo awesome to finally meet u in person kak Ida. nang rock lah kita, so rajin. :-) i wish i have ur energy. Thanks for the Raya invites!

Anonymous said...

hi. where do you get the labels made in kuching? tq.

Ida BorneoLove said...

hey Coffee Girl, heheheee yeahh yeah i like that I ROCK . I sure hope I really do dear, thanks I take that as a big compliment :) I'm so happy too finally got to meet you and your future hubby! Sorry though couldn't sit down chitchat with u guys half the time luckily u know my hubs too :)

Anon, I got my labels from a small printing shop at Hopoh Level 4, next to the tailor shop Jenny. But they have moved and I'm stuck. They left a no though... 014 3958409. I'm still looking for other printers but I just don't have the luxury of time to look around. Hope the no helps. Tq:)

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