Monday, August 5, 2013

As Corporate Gifts

Alhamdulillah I'm almost done for this year's hari raya cake baking... Phhewww!! You don't know how relieved I feel :D 

Kids' baju raya done!

My baju raya, over load! ;)

House cleaning... will think bout that later..

Bib necklaces, two more to do! O_O

What else..?

Okay okayyy,  breathe. *inhale ever so deeplyyyyy....*

So glad I left the house early this morning to deliver some cakes to the office for our company to present to the top bosses as corporate raya gifts. Turquoise Home located at Level1 Sarawak Plaza has been given the trust by my bosses to wrap the cakes and I'm sure it's gonna be done beautifully! And thanks boss!! :*

The town is like madness peeps! I do not know how you're gonna do your shopping today, or tomorrow.. Am just so glad I'm home now :)

But be sure to drive safe ya? Especially if your driving long hours.. 

Till raya, take care lovelies! =)

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