Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Untalented 'Sex Bloggers'

So I guess the title 'Sex Bloggers' isn't a big hit enough for these moronic people ha?

Look at them..! Would you even get excited watching the ugly faces doing their thing on their sex video?? Open minded?? Hello!! You are living in Malaysia, there is a certain extent of open mindedness. Seriously, these two are only yearning for attention. What a pity, not good looking enough to model and not talented enough to be on a talent reality show, they figured.. (ohh wait! 'figure' is only for people who have brain)..., Let me rephrase that. ...they Came Up with another idea for greater attention. Let's make fun of the holy month! 


Err.. poor cows. Hey, cows are more pretty looking okay! Love you cows :)

Well no, I didn't really follow the news on the sex video thingy or the latest, the 'bak kut teh' post.. till this morning. Attempting to be funny and sexy (baahhahaha!! look at those idiotic faces) by posting their latest cheap publicity stint is proven way too much. Shameless, ignorant, disrespectful individuals they are! 

I do hope the government is doing something to punish these two +&^#%$@ and put them away for awhile. Away from the internet and don't give them any gadgets that will enable them to do 'something' more stupider than what they've done! huh..!

yeaayyy!! some idiot just uploaded a free video! Let's!!

ehh... how was it lads? why are you out here drinking milk??

"Lame. No fun. The girl had a 'click-more-I-want-more-likes' face. So.."

*for the record, I never saw the video.

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