Tuesday, July 9, 2013


With my primary school buddies ;)
The things we porets over steamboating last Sunday night
will stay only among us :)

Trust is a funny thing...

Err.. okay.

I need to rephrase that.

Trust is a sacred thing, something to be earned. 

Once betrayed, will forever change a lot of things! You will look at that person differently, and you won't ever feel like how it used to feel like. No more trust. No more ohh-I-can't-wait-to-tell-you excitement. 

Trust does not only mean expecting your confidant to keep your secret whom you spilled your guts out to. It can also be put in a different kind of scenario and situations.. 

Trust that..  

~ Your other half would hand you the remote the soonest you sit yourself down comfortably on the sofa. No need a shout of the 'Gimme The Remote!' drama. And they will trust your choice of channel hopping for the next 2 hours.

~ Your peers would cover your back telling the boss you ARE in the building when he suddenly calls out your name but in fact you need to do your routine pooping a little bit longer than usual that particular morning.

~ You're not being rushed while enjoying your favorite kinda-lavish meal, when you're actually running late. You trust they will wait for you. 

~ Your weaknesses will not be used against you when things suddenly turn sour. Rubbing it in the face is the worse thing someone whom you trusted the most could ever do to you. 

~ You will get that gift (you've been hinting for the past couple of months) on your birthday. 

~ Your closest super-busy-mom buddies will do their best making sure they'll be free for a night of steamboating and seafood feasting ;)

~ Your beads supplier will keep the 'last kopek' items you reserved and won't let anyone touch them although not a single dime of deposit was put down to hold the items. 

Tomorrow is the beginning of the Ramadhan month, alhamdulillah... It will be a whole month till I'll be enjoying this delightful meal again. So, yesterday evening I went for a little bite. Yumms!

This photo shall haunt me for the rest of Ramadhan. Aduisshh! :p

Salam Ramadhan peeps :)

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