Friday, July 5, 2013

Laughing Between Sweats & Shuttlecock

My right arm feels like it's about to come off, my butt my thighs hurt when I sit or whenever I try to get up (err oh yaa! Butt all tight already you know??!! hehehee).

...I got home Wednesday evening from work the first thing I reached for after putting down my handbag after getting out of the car was the giant gardening cutter. Not that I have much garden to man but the thatch that's been an eyesore for weeks just had to get the much needed snipping that's already due like two or three weeks back. Standing at the doorway, still in my work attire, with that giant cutter in my hand, I summoned my husband to accompany me in the little yard. OH ya. He better hear me. 

"Sayang.. come outside with me. You only need to watch. I need company."

Of course, he gave his aahh-no-not-now-I'm-on-my-break face. Hahahaaa, what break??

Well ok, that was my assumption. Whatever was in his head, I could guess, but, I was in no mood to guess. All I wanted him to do was to be with me, outside, pronto! The sun was setting and it's gonna be dark soon and I just like to get my little chore done before mosquitoes start poking at me. 

So.. Arman decided to invite his papa to play some badminton when he caught his papa just sitting there on his motor bike. Sokay by me, as long as I wasn't all alone outside. 

When I was done snipping, I then decided to well, do some exercising 
a bit myself ;)

"You done Arman? Let mama play a bit..."

Oh man! Honestly I tell you! It's been a long long time since I've experienced that kind of fun. Sayang and I didn't even care we were sweating in our office attire! Who laughed while playing badminton?? Do you??

You should have seen me.. Hani came down from her room just to check what I was doing in the driveway laughing so hard I think the whole neighborhood heard me! I mean, the shuttlecock kept coming back to me, I hit back, and it kept coming back. My husband wasn't being a gentleman at all peeps! He wouldn't even want to pretend to let me win. He just kept returning the shuttlecock back to his now already laughing like a crazy woman wife... heheheheee... I giggled and laughed over this while hitting back the shuttlecock, I don't know why, I just found it so funny. So I laughed, and laughed, but still holding the badminton racket firmly in my hand. Hani even told me later,.."I was thinking, what are these two doing outside? Play? Never seen they play outside before..."

I'm quite an embarrassment to play badminton with, just saying.. :D

I jumped, I stretched... trying to proof to my husband that I still have that 
athletics-ness in me :p 

Now I'm suffering the consequences of showing off, hahahaah LoL.

OMG that was a good sweat! Pity though we don't do it often enough :)

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