Monday, July 1, 2013

IG Shopping

It's too easy. Click click and they were on my desk within days. 

And I got a little carried away..., just a little.

Love them!! So pretty and comfortable :)

When I looked around, everyone's wearing them. At shopping malls, on the facebook, on instagram. :D So, I wanted them too! Didn't need to do much searching because I found a seller while doing some research on accessories on instagram. 

I got myself these awesome bottoms, tregging (skinny pants) and leggings 
from @triosklonline (on instagram).

"Maa.., people been wearing those since long time ago.."

"I know, I know my dearest. I'm just a bit behind. 
So thanks for the friendly note ya.."

"And ermm.., maybe you should just put on your jeans..?
You look better in jeans Ma. You shouldn't wear the leggings with that purple shirt. 
That shirt looks nicer if paired with your new Levis. The leggings would look nicer 
on you with... yadaa wallaaa yadaa yaada... 
And Ma, Ma... Those leggings are for younger people."


Sayang tightened his lips.
Almost wanted to smile.
He's lucky he was able to hold back his giggle.

Hani just stared blank at me with, 'I've-no-comment-don't-look-at-me-look'.

Then sayang broke off the silence, "I like the leggings on you. I've no
problem with your outfit baby, really.. you look great." Smiles.

Turned away from the open door and walked to the back and changed into my jeans. Not even trying my best to look young, no no. Just that they look so yummy. But hey, one 
must appreciate the family members' point of view, no? 

Sokay.. Offended??! No NO! ...None taken ;)

I did wear the zig-zag leggings around town on Saturday, except that I 
never left the steering wheel, huh.. Yeah, they did make appearance. So,
that's cool. 

Hokay, that's my IG shopping update, done. 

Just like to update you guys with the stuffs that's been making me going
nuts and overwhelmed the past weeks. Here they are..

Hanicomb latest cuff bracelet






Follow updates on these lovelies on my instagram
with this hashtag ~ #hanicombhandmade :)

And there are more to come. More updates on my fb page too ~

Hari Raya orders are still pouring in, but they had to be tagged 'KIV'. Not sure if they can be ready in time for Raya. But I told my lovely customers (and new friends!) that I'll 
try my very best to deliver. 

Well, hope you have a good week ahead ya..

Till next post, loads of love from me =)
Take care!


Coffee Girl said...

Your sayang very the sporting. hehe sweet. org lain punya opinion doesnt matter if he's ok with it. kan?

nice scully by the way. hehe totally rocking metal.

∂a∂yana said...

Wow! I've been looking for those pants. Bet it's comfortable to wear for flight travel. It looks good on u though since u got slimmer legs :D

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