Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hanicomb Turns 1 This Month :)

A dear friend from one of the local newspapers called and wanted to do an interview. Luckily I had some of the necklaces in hand that are to be delivered right before Hari Raya. I mean.., there's no use of doing the interview if the journalist didn't see and feel the products, no? ;)

Having a number of necklaces in hand is quite rare for me, so we're lucky enough to have the products displayed as part of the question answer session. We had fun! It was a very casual meet up and Jane is simply the sweetest person! =)

I do hope they publish it though... Well no. There's no certainty that the article will be out. But sayang warned me, 

"Just be prepared with the 'impact' from the publicity, IF they do publish it. You can't even breathe right now Adek.." Huh yaa, it's been so crazy, and not to mention the cheesecakes! -___-

Yup! I'm just so happy with all the opportunities that I've been blessed with. Hanicomb turns 1 this month and what a year it has been. Jane (the journalist) told me I should get a worker to assist me. From her estimation, I've produced an average of one product every three days for the past one year. "That's amazing.." she had said.

:D Syukur alhamdulillah thank you Jane, you're too kind. :')

Here's to another.. 50 years! In Shaa Allah :)

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Coffee Girl said...

Happy 1 year Anniversary Hanicomb! Good job kak!

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