Friday, June 28, 2013

Turning 40

"Adek, one shot at 40." :D

Simple fun, great company, good food, was all I needed.

Woke up a little bit late and made sure darling hubby was around the whole day
on MY B'DAY.

The day before 26 June ~ 
"Sayang, you're on leave tomorrow right??" I did think for one second he had 
forgotten to apply for leave on my special day.

"Ohhhh yesss sayanng..... YOU kidding?? How can not one! I wouldn't
want to get into trouble man!!" 

heheheheee... I giggled :))

Didn't do nothing special really, just spending time together the whole time on my birthday was enough. We had laksa Sarawak in the morning, drenched in sweats in the heat of fine Wednesday morning at our favorite kopitiam. Went round Kuching and got few errands done, fetched the kids from school, went home, watched some tv with coffee, then I did some sewing/beading in the afternoon. 

Loved every single bit of my 40th birthday. 
Naa.. sayang didn't get me anything this year. 

"Did you get me anything sayang?"

"No.. No I didn't .. "

"Really...? No surprises? Nothing at all.???" A bit disappointed, with a silly smile on my face.

"No sayang, no gift for you this year."


Yeahh really, it was okay by me. I've a big smile on my face right now writing this I do not know why :D

Kinda funny , I guess? That I literally asked where my birthday present is, and he answered, 'no present hun'. Hehheheee... It's a 40 thing I'm sure. No presents, no sweat.

us, on 26.6.2013 ;)

My 40th birthday late lunch cum early dinner :)

How do I feel??

I feel fantabulous!! Hehehhehee

err.. more like, fortybulous! ;)

Syukor alhamdulillah. Feel so blessed, thank you Allah.

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Sheila said...

Happy Birthday Kak Ida! (cant really tell that u're already 40!!!)

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