Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Smile To Gastric

Foto; 8 days before turning 40.
Must keep one, must treasure. 

Alhamdulillah feeling well after another round of a bad stomach discomfort.
Apparently, Doc says I have gastric. A bad one.
I didn't know that was gastric y'all..

Felt more like, food poisoning or stomach upset.

"You have to eat on time, regularly. Don't let that stomach go empty
too long. Have some cookies in between.."

And on and on... Appreciate it Doc. But where is that time in between when conducting an event?? -sigh- Yeaa.., I can't keep on giving excuses. I just have to be smarter on how to manage time so I won't end up at the Doctor's office the next day, again and again. So not fun!

I got one again last Friday. Had to skip work the other half of the day, early weekend if I may say.. Some weekend! Homaigawwd. Couldn't eat, in pain, miserable, stayed home but not in the at all to sew, cramping nonstop, alhamdulillah. 

But the show had to go on. It was a blast!! This year's Kids Kumang Gawai (that happened last Sunday 16 June) was so entertaining. Such young amazing talents people! Next time you must come see ya? :)

Winners =)

She's too cute.. I had to come nearer

So I sat on the stage.. which I think I've seen this image before..

Yes I was standing well on my two feet in my new Levis ;)
Yup, they were having a sale I couldn't resist!! Straight Cut, LoVe!

But, my stomach was doing the new Gangnam version -__-
I toughened myself up till the end

Thank you judges, specially Ben of Sarawak Cultural Village (far left)
We learned a lot about the traditional local costumes from him :)

With Mawar and Mona *heart*

At last last week Mother's Day event..

With some cool sporting moms, and a naughty clown. Heheheee..

Look what he made for me

Heheheheee... silly hat. Well I loved it!! I wore it the whole time

This was well before the dreaded gastric diarrhea non-stop 
2days stomach cramping, at last last last last last week Mother's Day event.

Changes to my body I have to adapt to. Age? Most probably...
Doc says not really, it's my eating habit he had said... Not the age factor.
I guess he's telling truth. I mean, I'd like to believe he is telling the 
truth! Why.., all of a sudden you're turning 40 your body starts showing
signs of unhealthiness and what not? Gotta take better care our own self
I suppose. In shaa Allah, and hopefully those stomach cramps won't come 
knocking (more like banging!) again soon. 

:) Smile no matter what peeps!

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