Friday, June 7, 2013

Rolling With Bike & Bubbles

There you have it! That helmet belongs to me y'all!! Hehehehee... 
Let's roll baybehh! ;)

The only things that are missing are my Kevlar jeans and,

the Christian Louboutin boots! keee keee keee.. :p

CJan hun.. sorry I'm still not well equipped. Not fully dressed
as a full-fledged biker just yet. And yaa.. my hubby wasn't at all
happy that I only had my Hush Puppies flats on.

"Sayang, you're not wearing those shoes. Go put on your sneakers.."

"Naa.. aA... I'm not wearing sneakers.
Hurrr.. sock, knots.. I'm good like this lah! Let's just ride baby."

And there you have it, just that one pic for now of me with the bike. Arrived home with a throbbing headache last Sunday from being exposed in the sun too long, yeahh.. been awhile since I played in the sun. But it was a LOADDD of fun! Will have to do it again but errmm.. Maybe next time around we'll ride very very early or, much later in the day ya sayang? 

'chanela' cluster pearl necklace

'chanela' cluster pearl bracelet

Bubbles.. they do look like bubbles don't they? =)
I'm on a roll with these babies. Have quite a long queue 
with the bubbles. Queue with bubbles. Rolling on the bubbles.
Well okay! Have a good weekend you guys! Can't believe the weekend
is here again kan kann?? Hehehheeee.. Would be awesome if we only worked
like 3 days in a week kannn kannnn?? *wink wink!*

Cheers lovelies ;)

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