Friday, June 21, 2013

Hanicomb Night

Marissa wearing 'marissa', seen here with 
Shentel of Sereni & Shentel

It made me feel like a celebrity designer when I discovered my creations were worn by three different people at a high profile wedding that took place last weekend at the Kuching Four Points Sheraton Hotel.

I kinda.., gasped!! And went.. OOooo WoWwww!

"Sayang! You know??! Tonight there are three people wearing my 
bib necklaces, tonight at one wedding! *sobb sobb happy*" :')

Aaaaa.., you know, it's like Vera Wang, having her designs sashayed the red carpet at the Academy Awards on Hollywood A list celebrities. Waahhhh! Well, yaa. Except that my moment happened in little city called Kuching. Nonetheless, the concept is still the same!

Sophia wearing 'nia'

Zul (right) wearing 'izzah'

Yup! Even worn by a man peeps!

I'm super proud of our Hanicomb Handmade. She's turning 1 next month and I'm busier than ever, alhamdulillah.

Hmmm... who knows, one day, in shaa Allah, you'll see Hanicomb on the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week runway or, at the Grammys perhaps :D

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