Saturday, May 18, 2013

Yes Hermes Thank You Sayang!

I guess I'll straight away give him a heart attack if I ever asked for an Hermes..

Sayang's reaction was, acceptable, I guess ;)

He could see I was having deep thoughts about what to wear tonight to the WI Arabian Night so he sent me some pics as suggestions, so sweet of him... Which I know he was not being serious at all (of being sweet!). Pics include 2 women wearing red super hot tops & belly dancing flowy sexy see-thru skirts. Errrrrr.. Thanks, but no thank you my love. I will wear what I feel comfortable in. He knows very well I won't arrive at the dinner in-theme.

But when he sent me the last pic, all I saw was the Chanel handbag. Hehehehehee... So, I took the opportunity to tell him that I do WANT the handbag, would LOVE to have the handbag, told him in a subtle way. Love his 'expression' when I told him the price tag =)

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