Friday, May 17, 2013

What I Wore These Few Days

what I wore at our Mother's Day event, still, 
with no make up on =)

All smiles..., before the dreadful diarrhea :[

... I apologize for ruining the beautiful picture folks!
That story is coming up in the next post.

But first, let's talk about online shopping shall we? *happy talk!* ;)

My first time wearing my handmade design while emceeing (top photo),
with a blouse I purchased from an online shopping site. And I also have the blouse in navy blue :) So excited when they arrived! In case I'm short on Hari Raya 2013 outfits, these chiffon blouses will save my life, I'm pretty sure.. heeehhehee

I named the lovely beaming bib necklace, 'izzah'. She's special, filled with crystals and semi-precious stones. I wore the necklace on our Mother's Day event last Sunday, with my new chiffon blouse. Visit my facebook page Hanicomb Handmade for better viewing of this little baby ya..

A dear cousin started a little business selling cute tops and blouses on her facebook awhile ago. I purchased 3 pieces and this green number is my favorite!! I'm gonna get myself the blue one (bottom) too! Love love the material! Easy to iron, so fuss free, easy to eat in and, so so pretty with super awesome cut. Perfect for office wear.

View more of the collections here :)

This blouse looks brighter in real life, looks
a bit dull in the pic..

And since we're talking about online shopping, in case you didn't know, I make and sell accessories such as bib necklaces, cuff bracelets, pearl necklaces and charm bracelets too. For more details, please feel free to email me at :D

These are the some of our latest collections. 

'Lily' in red

my happy customer darling Alyum with her 'Lily'...
Thanks for the purchase love! :)


Cuff Bracelet in golden yellow

Wokay! That was a quick one. Have more stuffs to blog, hopefully I could find the time to do it real soon, In Shaa Allah... Enjoy your weekend my lovelies :)


Sheila said...

Charm bracelet ada juak? I want!,

ada van de kamp said...

sis, maybe u can include the price as we can make up our mind on which one to buy straight away. jz my 2cents :)

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hi Sheila.. I got your messages, thanks! ;)

Ada dear, juz email me at, u can ask as much as u like I will provide u with the pricings :)

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