Thursday, May 30, 2013

Siti's 30 March Engagement

Above, my sister Siti with our mom and Roy's mom, ehemm..
her future mother in-law :D

The engagement ceremony 2 months ago was attended by close family
members and Siti's closest friends only. Sorry for the delay uploading these
lovely photos of us munchkins. Too busy lorr.. 

Look at my sister Siti... she's so pretty :')

And mom is so happy.. finally her little baby is going to 
marry real soon, we hope in shaa Allah..

Us three..
We share, argue, knock each other's head, wrestle,
fight, share, laugh, argue ... because we're sisters

Dinner was prepared by my lovely auntie Mak Yo, my mom and my stepmom. Very simple engagement ceremony, not much fuss, straight to point! Complete with pantun and signed watikah (proof of ceremony held).. alhamdulillah

Siti's closest friends came to sample on my chocolate fudge cake
for their Hari Raya orders later ;) hehheheee... 
They looked so beautiful, I was looking like a foreign maid all messy and sweaty!
So, I avoided completely closeup shots.

The gorgeous couple =)

So, when's the wedding love?? 

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