Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy Belated Mother's Day :)

Wouldn't have gone if it weren't for the RM80 worth of the Damai Beach Resort's 'Sarawak Ethnic Food Fest' vouchers. AND since we didn't have to fork out money for the Saturday lunch, might as well enjoy the long ride, and feast! I still do have so much sewing and beading to do but was so glad we went... Been awhile since we last went for a long (and hot!) ride. It was great family fun :)

Riverside Majestic Hotel fusion burger, at RM5.00 only each!
*sayang calls it fusion coz it was dressed in 'dabai mayonnaise.. ;)* 

Yeah baby!
We had linut, rojak ayam, spring potato, laksa Sarawak, bubur pedas, umai ikan... 
Yup! We made sure we spend all the vouchers to our hearts content :)

Luckily there was no rain because the food stalls were set up under the sun, around the pool area. We didn't stay long though, picked our food, we ate, and went when we ran out of coupons ;)

Working on Mother's Day is a normal thing for me. 

We had a blast that Sunday. Having my darling friends as judges made it even
more joyful and less, lonely, if I may say :) They're the best!!

After dinner, few spoonfuls of yummy yogurt with Seri

My last and only meal that Mother's Day on Sunday was at 10am... Straight away to dinner at 6:30pm with my darling troops after work. I was feeling unusually extra exhausted that evening, it's been awhile I guess since I last managed this sort of event. Talking, emceeing, standing for few hours straight. Didn't even manage to steal a 5 minute break to eat or drink so that's how it left with the diarrhea for two days. I honestly thought it was the yogurt, and I even thought I ate something wrong at dinner, but no, it weren't all that. I was told that I had left my stomach went empty for too long, while still being active at the same time. 

Was said to me that,

this was a sign of...,



"You're not young anymore you know?? 
So, better be careful about skipping meals now.."

Uh - ohhh ... hmmm -____-

Okay I will remember. I will definitely remember, the toilet run wasn't fun at all. I was home for 48 hours supposedly free to do whatever I liked but no, I couldn't lift a needle. So that's why my Mother's Day 2013 photo was only taken two days after Mother's Day. And I hope it's not too late to wish all mothers out there a Very Happy Mother's Day! *LoVe!*

My reason for being...
 May 2013 =)


f.i.e.z.a said...

u are a great mom. w beautiful kids and a great man by your side what else could you asked for right?

jaga makan kak ida. at least simpan biskut nok jacobs ka apa dlm handbag. ada jual jenis peket2 ya. kmk ada gastric so thats how kmk ngelak kenak attack cam diarhea juak mun mek skip gya jadinya.

take care pretty kak ida! :)

Ida BorneoLove said...

thanks Fieza my dear :*

kawen jangan lupak nyeruk oii ! hehehee ;)

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