Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sharing Is Caring

having ice cream together I think, I think 
it actually helps you lose weight! Hahahaaa.. that's what I think ;)

The title of this post isn't just a saying when it comes to your marriage, you practice it. Even if it means you're gonna be forced to sacrifice the weekend detox program.

Yeaaa.. believe me! This is why couples grow bigger and 'healthier' after they're married, They Eat More peeps!

Here's the thing..

When you love your other half more than extra much, that diet thingy no-rice-less-sugar regime will just have to wait, whenever weekends and that quality time together come around.

I usually wouldn't let sayang eat alone. One of our favorites to enjoy together is the Laksa Sarawak. So, that Sunday two weeks ago we both sat down to enjoy our bowls together gether, like usual. Laksa finished. Done. And I even ordered the iced lemon tea peeps! Which I usually avoid with heavy meals... And if our laksa weren't heavy enough, sayang's suggestions got me squirming for a moment.

"Dek.. you want to share a plate of kueh tiaw WITH ME?"

' With Me '

With your darling husband. How to say NO to that? I'd say YES to his
every needs and requests, yes I do that.

That includes forgetting about the high calorie count in the super oily fatty plate of kueh tiaw or the whole of McDonald's Large Dinner set!! -oh man-

"Of course sayang! Let's !!" Beaming with excitement and suddenly my appetite started to mount, though already kinda full. Yup! It's in the head, *you can do this Ida, yes you can! try, just try to find just little bit more space in there to stuff half of that kueh tiaw*

Oh ya I ate half of that kueh tiaw I did! After a large bowl of laksa!

-oh man-

I'd be so bloated by Monday, but I don't mind it. I don't mind it at all because I love him so much. And from what I understand, men get even more clingy when they get older. Yeahh...! Cling all you want baybeh, I'm all yours ;)


We eat more for our darlings, because of our darlings. And this is not a complain dear... Kinda tough for us women though, especially when one is approaching 30 or 40. Our metabolic rate don't move at the rate they used to when we're in our 20s. And it's mostly okay for men to eat whatever their hearts desire ya? They put on weight they still look handsome what??! Huhh..

But don't fret girls..!

No sweat..

Weekdays I control my food a little bit.. Lunch we eat together gether, but I'd have light breakfast and no banana fritters or potato chips-binging in the afternoon at the office.  Avoid sugary drinks as much as I can. Because, there's dinner to look forward to with your sayang ;)

And that's how I maintain my weight, whilst eating like there's no care in the world during weekends, heheheeee... 

I so appreciate these kind of gestures from him... 
So sweet.

He's at work, and I was at work. He whatsapp just to let me know he's having a nice hot drink without me because he didn't feel nice I wasn't having one myself. Making me feel all warm lovey dovey and wanna go back home with him at that instance! :D


Tia said...

Yes.... That's the way it is....hehe

Adzmar Fazami said...

reading your story makes me jealous of you,sis!

Ida BorneoLove said...


anything for love they say? :D

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