Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Of Midin And Gucci :)

I will live with just this.. Midin belacan,
ulam ulam, with, deep fried fresh fish! Yummmss!!

Been awhile since we last had lunch at my in law's...

Couldn't wait to get my hands on mummy's sambal belacan.. I tell you!! Ahahahaaa no need I story laa okay!?? hehehehee...

"Sayang, we both no need rush rush today K baby??"

Like I was begging him once we're all seated right after the men came back home from the Friday prayers. The lunch break was too short, aiyaaa...! This kinda lunch, cannot rush one! You will lose out my friend! And I didn't even care I had to bring back with me to the office an awfully smelly top at 2pm. Yup! Tha midin killed it! -oh man- Been awhile since I've tasted a freshly sauteed 'midin belacan'. Yaa haaa... I smelled like cooked fermented prawn I tell ya... Not bothered at all, and grinning with happiness ear to ear :D

Thanks mummy for a hearty lunch!

Oh yaa...! I had the honor to prepare the scrumptious 'midin belacan' =)

I honestly thought I'd have more time now since I'm taking few days off from work, that I would update the blog, apart from trying to clear Hanicomb bib necklaces orders, well..., I do NOT have any extra time! Yeah..! I've to learn how to manage my time better. Hmmm..., I admit, the sewing has taken over my life. In a good way that is, alhamdulillah. I guess I don't really need to be on that shopping web site after all ... Yaa, the next orders will have to wait to be ready in June, or July. I do wish I have extra hands to help me do the beading. Woww weee.. How?

Seriously, you could do this too you know? If you're not ready to sell your handmade accessories, make one or two for yourself first. You'll see from there. All you need is patience, and sheer determination. Skill?? Can learn one!!

Wokay! I've gotta get back to my sewing table now. But don't forget to reward yourselves ladies! That's vital! ~_~

Shopping online has given me the opportunities to own some things that we women always dream of having. Handbags boutiques and super cute women's tops with all kinds of varieties are mostly available in KL only. In Kuching...?? -sigh- That's all I can say..

And I do not know when I'll leave Kuching to do my shopping. -sigh-

So! That's why I'm utterly grateful for online shopping :D Yup!! Reward yourselves ladies. You are not getting any younger ya??! hahahaha... I know for sure I'm not ;)

Need I say more about these beauties...?

Get your dream handbag at Bagz Houz
This cute affordable top from my darling cuz Syikin 
And the super adorable cuff bracelet from me!! 

Till next post, cheers darling! Take care and enjoy the holiday :)


Sheila said...

have you tried looking at Princess Victoria Stylo's FB? i always (bunyi mcm selalu jak :P) buy from her. a bit cheaper and reliable. loyal customer for the past 2 years :)

Ida BorneoLove said...

Hei Sheila!! Haahaaaa... I knew I made the right choice! I bought my 2 coach at Princess Victoria Stylo darl...! Heeheee. . I blogged bout it in my post 'the start of my handbag series' :D Thanks dear!

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