Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Makeupless Cleopatra


How to be a proper fashionista like this meh??

Cleopatra?? At least a Cleopatra-eyeliner will do justice to this bib necklace huh? No makeup with just plain grey T-Shirt some more.., eeyaa... Alin's gonna cringe if she saw this, "Mascara sis! Blusher and lipstick too now..! Jangan puang muka ya!" 

*puang means~ empty/plain*

But ermm, this shows you need not to be donning an over the top stylish top or gown just to wear the hanicomb bib necklaces ;)

This one was done within a few hours, forced to do! Because it's mine, for Hari Raya, in shaa Allah. I do not have my own hanicomb bib necklace peeps! So, I'm trying my very best to start a collection. Alhamdulillah, orders keep pouring in and I'm sticking to my principle that customers' orders are to be settled first before thinking about my own collections. I made a simple one to match the kurung at Faz's wedding few weeks ago, but that one was too simple ;) Cyeehh! Feeling Diva-ish aren't weee???! :P Don't play play no more simple ones aee??

Oh yaa.. I'm feeling it baybeh! I'm on my way of becoming a, a... Grey-Tshirt diva. :)) Ngeeeheeeeeee.. ;)

I'll need a necklace for this top! 
I'm an accessory maker why am I not wearing any??
I should have ONE for every outfit, no?

Err.. no. That's a little bit unrealistic. Well, for me at least.

Will make sure to have a drawer full of necklaces for 
our daily Diva-ing in town now sista! *bet you the next 5 month I'll still only have 2 pieces*

I didn't pay much attention at all to accessories before becoming an accessory designer. Heheheee... *wide grin*

'Designer' ME??! 

I Like That.

Okayyy.. where were we...?

Oh ya, AttenTion. 

Being an accessories maker you're forced to do a whole load of research on the latest trend, what looks best on the aunties, what are suitable for youngsters and which designs are best worn with everything in your closet. Then last weekend, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a very pretty fashionista on instagram. My dear friend and I were discussing on whatsapp how to pair jackets with your tops and pants. Some people have the perception that Jackets/Blazers only spells 'Office Wear'. 

Beautiful Zarifah has shown us how to look chic, and elegant at the same, by pairing simple tops and colourful jackets or blazers with simple jeans and printed pants. Her ensemble is always polished, and very fashionable. She exudes effortless confidence. I'm jealous..! :p 

Ok okay.. I can't wait to show you her pics I stole from her IG

Look her up and follow @twisted_logic on instagram :)

A lifesize doll :)

Can you imagine me in boots!!??

Okay no   -_____-

My favorite!
All covered up, but still very stylish and cute!

sigh. What can I say.

I will never be her. But, I can start by having more necklace collections!
Yeayyy!! Eat that Zarifah!! hehehehee... 

Hmm.. I know, I still won't cut it. See how she mixes colours?
Some people are born fashionistas, the rest of us just need a little (bit of) help to at least be confident enough to put some makeup on and wear some accessory to compliment the boring grey top  =)

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