Friday, April 5, 2013

Easiest Choc Fudge EVER!

For your weekend sweeties =)

Melt 200 g butter and 200 g good quality cooking chocolate

In a mixing bowl; 3 whole eggs, 1 tsp vanilla essence and 220 g castor sugar

Sift together 165 g plain flour, together with 30 g cocoa powder

Ok. Ready ya?

Now, this is what you need to do..

Mix the sugar and egg mixture

..then, add in the melted chocolate and butter,
stir till well combined. Then, add in the flour and cocoa powder

Be sure that your chocolate and egg mixture is well mixed together before
you add in the dry mixture (plain flour and cocoa powder). Otherwise,
you'll end up with a lumpy batter

Your batter should look like this :)

You may use the 8x8 or 9x9 tin, no bigger than this ya

Bake 40 minutes


Omg! What's missing here?? Ohh dear...
Yaa yaaaa.. 
I baked this but I didn't have much that day. Baked too many I lost
the appetite to really indulge in them. What's missing...? 

... Chocolate drizzle and vanilla ice cream! *sluuurrrpp...* ;)

I was in charge of dessert for Siti's engagement. She never looked
so beautiful peeps :) Will upload some photos later ya?

Okay. Time to go to work now. 

Don't know what to wear?? Let's wreck someone else's closet sista! 
heheheheeee... I love this kurung, it belongs to my eldest daughter Ayu. 

Miss my daughters so much. 
They are sitting for their exams now. Mama pray for
your success my darlings. In shaa Allah you two will do well. 

Have a good Friday my lovelies! :D

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