Sunday, April 14, 2013

'chanela' & 'camelia'

Arrow top with hanicomb handmade
swarovski crystal pearl necklace 'camelia'

Anything comfortable and at half the price, I'm in!

I wasn't feeling too well but went out anyways to accompany the kids and sayang to McDonalds for dinner few nights ago. And boy oh boy was I glad that I tagged along! Sayang wanted to look for something at the Parkson's departmental store and as usual, I decided to swing by at the ladies deparment. 

Arrow blouse at RM60++ after 50% off

The biggest grin on my face I tell ya! That headache that's been bugging me the whole day suddenly gone :p

Heheheeee well of course I purchased both in cream and blue ;)

Apart from work, I've just been so so busy with my beadings. 

Oh man... I hope I get to complete the orders in time. The worse thing for me is making the customers wait. sigh.

This particular piece had me on my toes biting my nails the whole of last weekend. Yeahh.. it may look simple but it was MAD. Syukor alhamdulillah I got it done almost exactly like the one modeled in the Chanel campaign below..

top left, Chanel ad campaign,
top right and bottom, hanicomb handmade pearl cluster necklace 'chanela"

darling friend Marissa (4th from left), wearing
hanicomb pearl cluster necklace, 'chanela'

'camelia' collections

I love pearls!

What woman doesn't??

So, I'm making few more of the 'camelia' collections for my darling customers and of course, must have one for myself for this year's Hari Raya :)

Sunday's almost done... I hope you're ready for another awesome week peeps! :) Take care and sleep well tonight ya? 

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