Monday, March 18, 2013

Too Occupied To Feed Oneself

 "Adek.. we're going out for dinner. Arman wants ayam penyet. 
You're only need to get into your jeans right..?"

"Errr... baby. I'm on a roll here sayang...
You mind if I didn't go? Gotta finish these two.."
Showing him the beaded sash and the half done black necklace. 

black bib necklace (bottom) to match the above black cuff bracelet

pink sash

"Well ok.. it's just me & Arman then. Hani's upstairs she only wants takeaway. You don't want anything?" Hubby wouldn't want dear wifey to starve now would he??

"No sayang. I'm good." And that was 8pm Sunday night. 

By 1am, I managed to finish both the pink sash & black bib necklace, what an achievement! But, my stomach started making weird noises & ached like me-don't-like-feeling lahh... Aduuiish. Was so engrossed in my sewing like no care in the world. No food, no sweat! No drink, so what?? No, honey... errr.., I need my honey :D

Skipping dinner didn't do me any good. Late meal at 1am was inevitable.

"Bang, that left over pie, anymore left in the fridge? I need some before I go to bed. Starrrrvinggggggggggg.." You know how to get him to reheat the chicken pie at midnight for you? .....Go near, snuggle like a little kitty cat, and ask nicely :)

1am rendezvous 

Words for hubby before dozzing off, with my eyes half closed ~ 
"forgive me sayang..., and thanks for the pie.." *Bismillah, Al-fatihah*


Sunday brunch usually left us hungry by 4 or 5pm. Sayang started going back & forth looking for something to eat and what luck he found a whole box of left over chicken pie from our nephew Sulaiman's Saturday birthday party. Humming singing I don't even really catch what song he was mumbling sayang started heating up the little oven and chucked in one chicken pie at a time.

Before I knew it, he was already cutting the chicken pie into bite pieces and started feeding them to me... Aawww! Really. What have I done to deserve this? :')

Syukor alhamdulillah. Thank you darling *heart*

Err.. this only happens when your hands aren't free to feed yourself now ladies. Hehehee... In my case, my hands were too occupied with beads and needles ;)

Bang, can you squirt some thousand island on top...?

Okay, this is making me hungry now. Hmmm.., what's for breakfast??

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