Friday, March 8, 2013

Seri's New Beauty Mark

4 days after the incident... at the wedding rehearsal,
her right hand had a week's leave from living ;)

Getting a call from your dear daughter saying she's bleeding that she needs help ASAP is something I do not ever want to experience ever again in my life. 

I was on my way back from work on the evening of 19Feb when sayang called telling me if I could get home as soon as possible because Seri said she had cut her wrist with a broken mug and needed to get to the hospital. I tellll youuuu my mind at that moment... Aduuii

oh man

Imagine, we're like an hour's drive from her and it was even more frustrating we couldn't get hold of her sister Ayu..., who was at that time sitting for her exam. So, I only had one person to contact, whom initially sayang forbid me to call.

My dear friend Datin Anna Sue is the wife to Kota Semarahan UiTM Director. 

"Datin, I need a huge favor... I need someone at campus to go to my daughter's room to check on her condition..."

Thanks to her, we drove to UiTM with a little peace of mind, although, still very very worried but, at least we know she's not bleeding ALONE!!


Bleeding!!? My daughter was bleeding and I WAS NOT THERE! :'(

... my poor baby.

Luckily she knew very well what to do being in that situation. It was by chance that she happened to have a face towel around her neck during the incident and she straightaway wrapped her wrist with it. And stopped the bleeding...phewww..  And won't even let her sister Ayu see the cut when Ayu arrived at her room because she was afraid the bleeding would continue. So, they just waiting for help to arrive. Seri said she did feel like fainting at some point and what worried me the most was, she was alone in her room and most of her dorm mates are in class.

I was glad to see her smiling and laughing with her sister & cousins...
"still hurt Maa.." , she would say from time to time :(

the injured bridesmaid ;)




I hope you're ready to see this.




The doctor said she was lucky the cuts (yup! 2 deep ones)
didn't hit her artery O_O

After a week... 
Seri's new Beauty Mark :D

Well now..., you there be extra careful yourself ya?
This wasn't fun at all.

Have a good weekend y'all! :)


Anonymous said...


This looks like a suicide slash attempt. Don't treat this lightly. Next time she won't miss any artery. And she will do both wrists. I have seen many cases like this before.

I am a psychiatrist, passing by at random. You better take her to see a psychiatrist as soon as possible.

Even her facial expression shows she's hiding some deep emotional trauma. Your daughter is having depression.

Ida BorneoLove said...

hi Doc, thanks so much for your concern. Have a good weekend :)

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