Friday, March 1, 2013

Sereni's Nudge :)

If you're born in the 70s, you have to love Wilson Phillips!

Was listening to litefm on the way to work and the song was playing and this part truly caught my attention... Err, my attention's still 110% on the road though ;)

"............. no one can change your life except for you,
don't ever let anyone step all over you.."

I wanted some change in my life, for the better. Alhamdulillah I have everything, yes, I do feel rich. Rich with love, laughter, peacefulness, contentment... syukor alhamdulillah.

Never thought I'd be in a business of making accessories, bib necklaces & cuff bracelets in particular. Because, I don't really wear them myself. Usually the ones who embark in this fun beautiful business are the ones who are the true fashionistas. I didn't know much, so I did a lot of researches on the current trend, where and how to get good supplies, who wears them,... never ending I tell you! I do my research like every free moment I have, after coming home from my day job, before I sleep, till I fall asleep. I'm falling in love with accessories now, and that's a good thing!

So, I know quite a bit about fashion already peeps! :p

Don't try to mess with this fashion icon ya??! Hahahahaaa LoL :))

Only you can make the change, no one else. You don't know how to bead, learn... You don't know how it's done, go to youtube, get a crafting magazine or, ask around. You don't know how to sew, start sewing and practise, a LOT.

People will tell you your dreams are impossible to achieve, that, there's no way you can make it in this world with all the mad competition and rivalry. For me, as long as you believe in yourself, anything is possible... and well yaa of course, you are so driven just because of that fear you have that your husband gonna start lecturing you (imagine the eruption of Mount Pinatubo) because the supplies you intended for making your products are still sitting in the back room collecting dust ~_~

People surrounding may give their piece of mind. Take the negative ones as challenges. Most of all, don't take them too seriously. Have fun creating your own product, that's important. Otherwise, you'd feel stressed out and unmotivated. Remember, it's suppose to be your passion, not your source of 'I-feel-like-I-wanna-slap-someone-in-the-face!'. So, the heck with the hurtful comment. Just Do It!

Getting positive responses, compliments and constructive criticism are considered valuable to any kind of business. These help us to better our products and to come up with more better ideas and creations so we wouldn't be left behind. 

Sereni and Shentel's designer Sereni Linggi was so kind to congratulate Hanicomb Handmade's first media feature. Thank you Sereni for the nudge ;) Hopefully, one day, Hanicomb Handmade will be known the world over like Sereni and Shentel too, in shaa Allah..

Happy Weekend all! =)


RaMa-RaMa Fareeza said...

wah syiokknya kak..congratez and keep it up ;)

Ida BorneoLove said...

Thank u so much love!

yup.. sewing nonstop nih ;)

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