Monday, March 25, 2013

Roller Coaster Weekend

Free Of Charge Samsung Models :)

As said by Hana, promoting a 'Halal Smarphone'.  Teeeheee!

With darling friend Alin, our first jemaah together Sunday night ;)
Same interests ya? Hahhaaa, we went nuts taking photos after prayers.
heheheee... next is the S35 Lin! =)

Mak Haji Sani standing 3rd from left, next to Alin, 5th from left.
Kak Nana far right (next to me) is my 2nd cousin, who happens to be Alin's 1st cousin. Oh yaa.... we Kuching people here are related pusing pusing one ;)

It's a roller coaster weekend I have to say. 

Syukor alhamdulillah for all the blessings but, we are human. And whatever He grants upon us we must accept with open hands. I can't start to imagine the sadness Mak Haji Sani, her husband and her family are going through right now... They say, you are supposed to bury your parents, not your children. And so it was said...

I went with my daughter to pay my last respect to the departed on Saturday morning and syukor alhamdulillah for the the lovely day. Burial was done smoothly.

Still, I had to be prepared for my Sunday event, which didn't really go as smoothly as I hoped it would. The number of participants who turned up wasn't encouraging at all, nonetheless, we had a lot of fun watching the children showed off their talents. Yup, it gave me some sleepless night thinking about the competition up till Sunday. It was so disappointing. 

Though a little bit tired after the afternoon event, I had told myself that I must go to the deceased home for the 2nd night of jemaah, didn't go on the 1st night. So glad I went, was happy to have some few light and happy moments snapping photos with some of my darlings :* So rare we get to meet these days, and thank God for Facebook and IG for making things easier for us to stay connected. It was a very good gathering. 

But it wasn't a really good night for my family and I last night. I couldn't even shed anymore tears as Arman's crying alone was enough to share the sadness we all went through... When we reached home from the jemaah prayers, as the car was entering the porch area, one of our kittens decided to run to the spinning tyre. I need not say more... My children loved Hyper very much. To make them feel better, I just said to my darlings that Hyper is in a better place now, in heaven with God. Al-Fatihah to Hyper and Oden (who left us quite a while ago).

Allahyarham Abang Anet passed away peacefully last Friday night, surrounded by his beloved family. My heart goes out to dear friend Alin for the loss of her beloved 
brother. May his soul rest in peace, in shaa Allah. *Al-Fatihah*

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