Friday, March 22, 2013

Office Sexual Harassment

Not many women would come forward to report on sexual harassment that happen in the office. Usually they would just stay quiet, keep things to themselves while their heart ache and soul tortured day to day till they couldn't take it anymore they eventually resigned from their main source of income.

The person who should resign is the attacker, not the victim.

But, how to even straighten things out if the woman didn't come forward...? 

Do not want others to find out the shame you went through??

That the matter would make others talk?? An embarrassment to the family?

Well, it is easy for me to say it here but, these perverts don't deserve to be bosses and they be reported to the relevant authorites!!

Yup! An unfortunate incident that happened to someone dear to me was with her own boss right before Chinese New Year. There was no one else in the office and out of nowhere, he got up grabbed her and started kissing her fondling whatever he could!

Luckily, ... errmm, can I even summed it up as Lucky?

Luckily nothing worse happened... She tried to pull away few times but the 'boss' kept pulling her back towards him, sticking out his tongue to kiss her and ran his hands all over her torso. Suddenly he decided to stop when he noticed 'G' wasn't 'up to it'.

Hmmm... must be trying to see if this one he could make as his mistress. JERK!

She went back to her desk when 'it' was over, shaken, and couldn't wait to go back home. Awhile later, her boss went over to her desk, passed her some things to do and he acted like nothing happened. At this time 'G' fought real hard holding back her tears. The **s h*** finally left the office at about 3.30pm and 'G' quickly sent me a message into my fb inbox and asked me what to do?? She didn't know what to do.

I called her straightaway and told her to get the hell out of the office and go to the police station right then. 

'Now???' 'G' was still unsure what to do..., sobbing between her trembling voice.

'Yes NOW girl!! What are you doing still sitting there you idiot!!' 

I half-screamed at her. Not that I was angry at her... Poor thing, I was so angry at what she went through I only had her to release my anger to at the time. And I was kinda upset she had to ask for the second time whether or not to go and leave the office right there and then. Stayed for what girl??!

In tears and still very shaken, she packed up her stuff and STILL had the decency to lock up the pervert's office... Dhhaaa..

I met up with her at the nearby police station and she lodged a report on the office sexual harassment.

They say she has a slim chance of winning to pin down the ex-boss as there was no witnesses around. Dumb technicalities ! 

'Ok OK... Witness ready?? OK, eyes open. Ready.. 
ACTION! - *sexual harrassment in progress*'

?? ?????

Your own words aren't credible enough, sorry girl! No witness, not case. &$%)&a@p;%$^+_#@@%&a^p;^

Yeah... This may be the bitter fact, but, after the police report was lodged, we're glad an ASP went to the pervert's home at midnight that same day. 'G' was his assistant so to get an easy identification of the pervert, 'G' submitted a copy of his identity card to the police. Complete with his home address.

If I had my way, I'd show to you the face.
And tell you exactly where the office is.

His sir name starts with a 'T' ladies. Be extra careful when you apply for a job
that only you, your boss and the office boy (who's always out) are the only
 people in the office.

Then, he had the nerve to message my dear friend to drop the charges couple days before CNY. That all he wanted was a peaceful Chinese New Year with his family. This is one true a** h*** I tell you! And what about 'G'?? The trauma she was experiencing, the hurt and shame she has to endure? And he simply lah, asked 'G' to drop the charges, forget about things, pay her a bit, so he can have a peaceful CNY?? 


'G' would update me on what was going on, her sms 'discussion' with the ex-boss and all... Of course I kept reminding her not to drop the charges and don't fall to the flimsy offer. And not to say too much in the sms as he could use it against her. Most times she didn't answer the calls and just rather not reply his texts. Clearly he was not sitting in peace. Well GOOD!!

After CNY, he messaged her again.

Asking 'G' to reconsider the RM3k he offered earlier and she better just drop the charges. Come back to work and just forget about what happened. NUTS! And he had the nerve, to remind 'G' that, she has not gone to the office for over a week that he could report her to the Labour Department O_O

I tell you I FliPped at that!! Huh...! He thought we women are fools? I told 'G' this is her chance to show him who's the fool.

LUCKY for 'T' my dear friend 'G' didn't go to the Labour Department to report on his misconduct but, since he put it in writing threatening her, and thinking 'G' wouldn't do what an ordinary office Admin Assistant wouldn do. Thinking that he's the smarter one aee?? 'G, we go to Labour Department first darling. See who the Labour Deparment favours.'

We'll see who's smart you pervert fool! *sorry ... sigh. This is making me boiled up*

'G' called and read out the message the idiot sent her to me and I told her I'd get back to her in 10 minutes. After securing an appointment for 'G' to meet up with an officer at the Labour Department in Simpang Tiga, Kuching, I called 'G' back within 10 minutes and summoned her to go to the Bangunan Sultan Iskandar at Level 13 right that instance.

'G, you go there now this morning. Mr xxxxx is waiting for you. And bring along the police report with a copy of his IC, and show to them the threat your so called boss texted you.' And that was all I could help her with. She asked me to come along with her but I was occupied with work. Anyways, I wanted her to talk to the officers herself, I thought if I was there, I might do more of the talking than her. 

The problem was...

~ She was still an employee at the company
~ She didn't want to see the ex-boss's face ever again
~ She's only been working there for few weeks if she was to resigned, she would have to pay a month's pay ('G' showed the offer letter from the company to the Labour Department officer and they confirmed that the terms & clause are valid).
~ So, there's no way she could afford to pay a month's pay. Not only that, the employer sexually harassed her, but, if she went down to work just because she was afraid the boss would report her to the Labour Department... HOW?? How is that fair?

When I was on the phone with the officer, I told him 'G' needed advice from the Labour Department given her complicated situation, as a victim to her own employer, who now threats to report her absence from work, but after what he did to her?? Now he had the cheek to threat his victim?! 

The officer told 'G' to come up with a resignation letter, stating WHY she decided to resign. The officer said to 'G', 'Do not forget to state your reason for resigning is that you feel threatened at your work place. Attached the police report, and, CC the letter to us.' 

'G' needed more clarification, 'What if he comes over to your office to report my absence?'

The officer replied with a smile, 'Ohh... Let him. We welcome him.' :D

Who's stupid now..?

This is not even a smiling matter... But 'G' did what she should do. Don't stay quiet girl. Do something about it so the same thing won't ever happen to other women in his office. 

Just hope and pray that nothing like this would happen to any of our family member or friends.

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