Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mr Martha Stewart

baby shoes


handphone cover

I'm the kind of sister who likes to see fellow friends succeed in their little businesses. I'll push them and tell them not to charge too ridiculously CHEAP as the work they're doing is their precious time spent, effort and skill that aren't easy to come by these days. Then one day, to make sure that little business grows into something you never ever thought dreaming of happening. You never know kan..? So long you're consistent, want the money bad enough, truly driven by the sweetness of success and the word lazy just simply doesn't exist in your vocabulary.

... Then, you will be on your way.

These neat handwork was done by my male colleague, Mardonna. Ya..! YAA!

You heard right. MARDONNA is his name. You can contact him to customize your desired knitwear through his facebook 

He does his crocheting after the household chores are all done. Yup! He cooks, wash, irons, fold the dry laundry, mops sweeps the floor. He is Mr Martha Stewart.

Yes he does all that.

He first started crocheting after observing the interesting work done by his wife and began tutoring himself through youtube and books. It didn't take him long. And I believe anyone can do this, always always believe in yourself. Again, as long as you're serious about making extra income, and 'lepaking' is not your favorite past-time. 

His next project is a sling bag. I hope to upload the pic real soon now.. You hear
me Don?! Okay. It's gonna be one really busy weekend for him. Orders are 
flowing in as we speak he says. *thumbs up!* :)

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