Thursday, March 28, 2013

It Was Lovely

My squeaky clean plate

Our Steak =)

Hmm... because our table was a setting for two, under the stars &
beautiful clear night sky. That's why the pics are dark.
It was...., lovely. Simply put :)

No kids at home.

Two daughters at campus, another daughter & a son at their grandparents'.

Justtttttttt the twoooooooooooo of us alone, by ourselves *WinK wINk*

We've never been to Basaga. What we heard the food is awesome. So, we decided to give it a go last night. We both ordered the juicy steak and oh mannn... It WAS superb! Love the ambiance and though there were many people dining waiting for their food, sayang and I didn't have to wait too long. Gonna bring the kids here real soon, in shaa Allah.

Mmm... ya. Wanted sayang to snap more pics of me but, people were looking.
Beautiful deco with loads of teak furniture. Me like a lot :)

After dinner, sayang asked if I wanted to have coffee or teh tarek
at a stall somewhere...

"Hmm... no need lah bang. Let's get home fast...!" :D

Hahhaaa.. felt like a wedding night! heheeeee...
OMG! kwang kwang kwang :p

*never leave your parents home alone,
if you did, they'll skip their 2nd job (in my case, it's my beading),
and go to bed earlier than they should*

Yup! It really felt like a holiday for me last night... More like, a honeymoon for us both, sayang and I. Nice dinner, that speedy treat for me, Magnum ice-cream and noooooooo sewing. Like seriously, I rarely skip sewing but last night, I just wanted to chill with sayang in front of the tv and go to bed early together. It's been lovely :* 

"Sayang, we should have this date night like at least once a month.."

A little advice from me, try to set this after-marriage-dating thingy like soon after you're married. Not after two decades of marriage! Dhhaaa...

We both agree to that. But, see lah... I was already missing having the kids around by the time we left Basaga last night. 

It's gonna be a long weekend.. Wowww weeee! Enjoy your break peeps! Be sure to drive safe and, smile =)

Till next post, cheers! 


Hanicomb bib necklace
little 'Lily"

Hanicomb bib necklace 

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