Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Faz&Iza's Wedding Pics

Mummy with all her daughters in law... for her 3 handsome sons ;)

She's so sweet... So lucky to have her in the family, Alhamdulillah

Brother in law Faz. Congrats brother!! He's my husband's youngest brother

Uncle's car :)

Bride's hand bouquet.
My mother in law made the Ringgit notes into roses herself

.... and Mummy also hand sewn the beads & lace onto Iza's tudong

Roses by Orchidwood, Kuching, for the bridesmaids

Iza the bride with her bridesmaids, my daughters and nieces

OMG I could cry looking at this :')

During rehearsal the night before

Faz is shy, I guess =)

There you go! All the lucky ladies,
for the three lucky brothers :D

Iza is much prettier without make up :)

If he could, he'd photograph his own wedding.. Well what to do??!
Had to leave the important task of capturing memorable moments to another photographer. Faz is a professional photographer himself.. 

It was a garden setting. I totally loved it!! 
Setting up by DBKU *heart YOU DBKU!!* :D

She was one of the VIPs invited..
Datin Anna Sue :)

Of course.. my darlings

My beloved aunt (in blue) came with my darling sister Siti (in pink) :)

I stayed till everything was back like it was. Basically, the last person to leave as the few cars we had with us was busy transporting people from the venue to back home. I was the last person lah to be 'collected', heeheeeee... It was tiring, but, mom and dad were very happy with the smoothness of everything. Alhamdulillah.. Next, I hope it would be my sister Siti ;)

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