Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rushing The Hours

My packed lunch today,
fresh lettuce with, pieces of abang's McD's chicken breast, few spoons fulls
of cream cheese drizzled with a generous amount of olive oil

Well well.. Aren't we living healthy today?? ;)

Healthy and runnin' that is!

The packed lunch was never planned. When I reached home during lunch break it was already half past 1, basically had to leave the house again for the office in 10 minutes! By the time I'm done serving lunch & drinks for my loved ones, I would only have little time to pee. Sometimes so little time to eat, like what happened today. There's just not enough hours in a day, and too much rushing during the week... sigh. 

So, upon reaching home today at noon, I've decided to make a simple lunch for myself to be eaten later in the office. Which, I don't mind :) 

#leftover fresh lettuce from last night in the fridge (check!), snip some chicken pieces from sayang's McD lunch (check!), and a little bit of diet-cheating>>>add some yummy cream cheese (check!!)#

Last night's early dinner, I was drooling over this today.
Had to prepare one more serving for today's lunch, sans the tomatoes =)

I love this simple light meal. Yummy, healthy, affordable (they charge too much for this portion at the restaurant) and pretty :)

And speaking of healthy, I hereby would like to thank PERKESO for giving us Malaysian women age 40 AND ABOVE the Program Saringan Kesihatan voucher to do a free Mamogram. Yup! Now the whole office knows I am actually 40 this year, and not 30 like what I've been telling them all this while :p

Hopefully I'm up to eating this healthy most of the time. Too often I"ve been experiencing lacking of energy later in the day lately, I guess it's caused by the rushing bustling all day during the day, that has left me feeling tired & whacked at night. So, watching my daily food consumption I think is key. Otherwise, I'd end up literally sleeping on the job when I am supposed to be working to finish my orders for hanicomb... like what happended the other night...






sleeping on the job, literally ~_~

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