Wednesday, February 13, 2013



So excited I forgot I was in my comfy-under-the-desk-footwear...

Darling ex-colleague came for a visit and of course a few snaps is a must!

There you go peeps..., me in my coolest Outfit Of The Day.

AiYo... I've ruined our photo.

Speaking of outfit, who brings 3 jackets to work ??!


Not realizing I already left 2 jackets on my chair last week I brought the third one.. Well ya, in case it gets Londony-cold in the office, I guess. (???) ~_~

Feel like there's a huge tangle in my head now. Forgetting things and the long weekend (CNY Holidays) was not enough to get myself fully unwind... Err.., think I need to rephrase that. Duhh..

And the wedding is only 10 days away I haven't start to do my necklace. 

No, I don't have my own Hanicomb Handmade necklace. Pathetic...

pheww.. Adoii..

Ok. That's way too much sighing now... Sigh. (ooppss!..)

Ok Ok.

So, I've to get 'Lily', 'LuLu' and the green bracelet done by this Saturday. Sunday everything must be ready to be labelled dah, harus! They will fly to their respective owners by next week in shaa Allah. 

So, for those of you who're are still on leave, enjoy. ENJOY! 


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