Thursday, February 28, 2013

Faz&Iza's Wedding Reception ~ what we wore

very Kardashian-ny

It is regarded a big occasion for the family, with invitation cards flew way up to the State's leaders' offices and the State's Ministers YBs Datuks and Datin to mom & dad's lovely Surau members, friends and family. I should worry more about how my hair should be done, or where to get new heels to match with my beautiful new (French?? Heheheee, I'll stick to Sarikin thank you) Sarikin lace kurung. 

I didn't. I simply didn't bother to worry how I'm gonna look. All I know I have nice baju to wear, my hair is clean, shoes intact and, not down with flu cough dear God please don't! Alhamdulillah, I only had a slight stomach upset... hmmm..

Hahahaaa... above pic??! Not me my dear, sorry to disappoint you darlings! LoL :))

Those legs & feet belong to my 14 year old niece Fifah... Ala Aalaa Kardashian she had said, "Wa...Waa Ida! Uh-Ohh I'm like the Kardashiannn" :p

Those are 6 1/2 inches heels OKAY people! I tried them on. I choked, toppled, didn't even start a step already I gave up on them. No thank you, not for me! 

with my darling sister in law, and NIA *heart!!* ...miss her :( 
our kurungs came from the same set of lace material

nadya, fifah, hani, dayini, shasha & seri
... Khatamal Al-Quran before the happy couple arrived

Seriously, if you want to know how busy I am, you have to follow me around for a day. Even that gorrrrgeous (sorry, can't help it) new kurung of mine I only put them on for the first time like 45 minutes before leaving the house to go to the reception hall (in my head then~ if this doesn't fit, errr... HoWw? Why didn't I try this on earlier? Why... Ohh heck!!). Yea, I had that little fear that the kurung wouldn't fit. How to look for a replacement at the very very last minute o_o

Picked up our kurungs two days before the wedding reception, then it was yadhaa walla whatever madly busy... Not to mention Seri's little accident that happened few days before the reception and she almost missed the Khatamal Al-Quran, oh man... What a scare! (that's another story) Sadly, Ayu couldn't join her sisters & cousin at the last minute as she had to attend an important activity organized at UiTM. As mom would say, 'Kita merancang, Allah menentukan...'

I am so in love with the sarong that comes with my kurung top. 
Heheheee.... From this day forward, this is how I'm gonna do my sarong :p

New kurung; 

Hush Puppies wedges shall be hidden in my gorgeous bride-like sarong/skirt.
As long as I look tall, I'm happy :)

Simple rhinestone & seawater pearls bib neklace,
diamond bracelet & ear studs,
and, a walkie talkie ;)

Home blow dried =)

Mascara & cherry-ish lip gloss

And that's about it! I was ready to rumba!!

Finally my own necklace! :D

It had to be this simple because I only had like 5 minutes to do my very OWN hanicomb handmade bib necklace! Phewwww... and I forgot to add color. Was so engrossed in sewing beading and couldn't wait to finish it I completely forgot to add a touch of blue.

There are more pics. The bride was simply ravishing, my new sister in law... Later I will upload more photos from the wedding, real soon in shaa Allah... Till then, take care :)

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