Monday, February 18, 2013

Celebrity Moment

Haven't gotten that much needed massage that I was talking about quite a whhhhhhile ago.. See if I could find time within this 1 YEAR. Yaaa.. ONE YEAR. Time is going by too fast for me these days even the thought of Hari Raya leaves me anxious with cold sweats! Yup!! This year I must have the new Raya Kurungs... -oh man-
Sheer pressure.

captured from TV3 tonton

That link you clicked on the first paragraph has the above pic that was captured at last year's Rainforest Waterfront Talent Search that we organized together with Sarawak Tourism Board..

I got an fb notification on my phone from a bff on Saturday evening saying she saw my face my pic on TV3 Muzik Muzik 28 while I was trying on these crazy skyhigh heels!

no.. I did not buy them. I don't want to DIE IN VAIN..., so to speak ;)
Too painful to walk in like seriously O_o

WHATT??!!  *back to me appeared on Muzik Muzik*

Yahahaaaa... I'm famous!!! Wooohoooooo... well ya, for 3 minutes -___-

So I went to TV3 tonton and found the footage my friends were congratulating me on, hahhaaaaa.. Thanks guys. Love you all! :) They were asking Ashraaf of Salam Musik on his relationship with Iris on the Gossip Fifi! segment. 

A moment there, heeheheee... A celebrity?? NO thank you :)

So, let's go back to wardrobe ya? =)

Tell me girls, how do one walk in those shoes? I tried on a pair of Hush Puppies but they didn't hurt that much. So how can you be sure that the hawwwtt platform skyhigh heels you see online is OKAY to purchase, to wear, to walk in??

For shoes I'll stick to walking inside a shoe store to buy them. Online shopping for clothes will not be as disappointing I'm sure. Imagine buying a non-returnable shoes online and you are already deciding to sell them to your friends via facebook 5 minutes after trying them on upon receiving the package... Errr.. all you see is your gone gone money.

And yes, online shopping. I've been looking for a kimono style cardigan and the ones I've found online are a bit on the pricey side. Couldn't believe my luck when Seri & I stumbled upon this awesome bargain. Definitely one of my greatest 'opportunity grabbing' moments, to date :D

Originally priced at around RM 110,
I purchased at RM 63. Love the non wrinkling satin like material, 
with super gorgeous print. *heart!*


Well okay. That's it for today. 

Busy as I can be. I spilled a box of beads and they are still on the living room floor since yesterday morning. Yes, I AM THAT busy, don't even have time to pick up my mess... sigh. So not good. Adooiii..

Have a good week love! :)


Ms Tikot said...

Kmk ada juak nanggar melodi yesterday. 1st impression kmk bila Melodi show gambar ya "Aih.. Kak Ida" Kak Ida memang famous eh ;-)

Ida BorneoLove said...

hahahaa.. sikda lah sis.

a moment jak ya ;)

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