Friday, January 11, 2013

What I Did

This is how you flap your arm.. your hand.. to fly...,
... IF you intend to fall flat on your face.

Like what I did few days ago. Yup. 
What a day it was.

Started good, by noon, I had a bee-stung lower lip, with injured knee caps. I don't know what exactly happened.. I was crossing the road, like gracefully (yahh!), suddenly I felt like my ankles were held back and then, I flew, fell knees first, palms, then hit my lips then tooth on the ground.

Luckily no chips on my teeth.. geez! Man OH Man.

Shaken, but I managed to drive. Gave my hubby my little-pity face and he bought me my dream Chanel handbag.

Kidding. No he didn't ... One day maybe. I have hope you know.

heheheee.. ok OK. My fall is not even funny people, oh man. Lesson learned. Don't go walking with oh-i'm-so-excited-it's-lunchtime steps. Hmmm -___-

Doctor gave me 2 days leave and this was what I did...

turquoise cuff bracelet
by Hanicomb Handmade


Okay. That one humiliating story done.
Now I wanna share what I did couple weeks back...

I went shopping. New Year shopping. Great bargain.
Never ever pass on great bargain girls.

1. This Valentino Rudy comfortable work shirt is simply divine. Love the color, love the cut. Jiggly tummy hidden A-OK!!

At our X'mas Cup Cake Design Contest before Christmas 

Love my top!

Ahh.. See..?? I annoyed people pushing them around 
to snap more pics of me in this cute top :)
Err.. my hair 0_0

As usual, great bargain must come with at least a double purchase. The green doesn't look that flattering here, but the color actually looks really pretty love! ;)

2. Seeing double? Yup! I got a second pair. They're on sale at 50% and I literally grabbed them off the shelve like a little girl who just seen the last candy on a party table. How could I not?? These Hush Puppies flats have proven to me that they are made for feet like mine; Shoe-eating-feet. Yeahh... I'm a proud owner of these vicious feet =)

"Mama, you bought the same pair?? Why???"

Not normal kah? Well, they make sense to me. Why shouldn't I get another pair? I mean, I know they're great foot wear, they probably won't produce anything like it ever again and I don't know if some other new pairs would feel as yummy. So glad I bought them!

I've a lot of sewing to catch up on. Hope I won't have to wait like 4 - 5 days to update Borneo Love... Till then, have a great weekend peeps! 

Watch your step, don't trip! :D

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