Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sweats and Beads

~ my say ~

So what is wrong with Kuching??

One question that I think a lot of us Kuchingians have been asking ourselves, why there are big brands in Sabah, but not in Sarawak...? My opinion; Because some still have the perception that we Sarawakians are still living in trees.

That's all. Ok Thank You.

So, I finally managed to move my big lazy butt to the tailor last weekend. Only because I had to. A family wedding is only weeks away and the girls and I need new kurungs. I've been trying my luck to add to my list of a more affordable dressmakers for the future make-me-look-like-a-Datin-look esemble and as predicted from the beginning, the non-chinese tailor is always a disappointment. NOT all of them, but, the ones I've been going to have given me unnecessary headaches. So, I will pay more, for a whole lot of peace-of-mind. I'll stick to visiting a chinese dressmaker for now till I can find a more reliable non-chinese ones...

While I was negotiating with MY dressmaker for cheaper charges on the 4 sets of lace kurungs, the children had a bit of fun fiddling with my phone..

... till I told her how much it costs to make her pretty kurung -_-

Stunned aee?? Well, anything for you my lovelies. Now my children, go back home and fold the dry laundry, mop the kitchen floor till you could see your own reflection, scrub the bathroom walls, vacuum the staircase, clean the fridge and iron the whole closet! Your sweats for your new kurungs my dear. Yeahh! :p 

We're short by few metres of satin. A trip to the textile shop is a must. 
Errmmm... when??

Till then, we're gonna drown ourselves in a pool of beads this weekend 
for some extra income. Alhamdulillah for all the blessings :)

royal blue pearl studded 'sofiya' bib necklace
for Harniza =)

Happy Weekend! ;)

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Chii said...

kak ida, u know what? i was wondering the same thing. sorry to say, but i dont think kuching is a great place for shopping. no offense! i love kuching but i think shopping in kk is more fun.

but here's the thing: after a few malls have already opened in kuching, like the hill/hills? (if i'm not mistaken) and merdeka mall, my fiance commented that kuching is becoming more like kk. and he doesn't like it! haha. he said that kuching doesn't have what other places have makes it unique! makes it kuching. but...of course i'm glad to see my favourite brands like cotton on and such has invaded kuching. it makes the shopping more fun :))

what i really love about kuching is cheap food! that one cannot beat kk! hehe..

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