Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Making Stars

A good start for another busy year full of events. I LoVe my job alhamdulillah..

The Star

A full page of last Sunday's Acoustic Amplified by The Star in Monday paper has prompt myself to give a little bit more extra effort to make this year a memorable one for shoppers and participants at our events. Ignore the other new shopping malls, I'll just continue doing what I was hired to do and hopefully the local medias will continue supporting us like they always have.

And speaking of supporting, I can't thank you enough to catsfm for always being there for making our events more entertaining and fun. 

with DJ Adi Mentor4 and DJ Irine. Omg you guys should listen to these two sing!
awesome talents :)

Borneo Post

And that's what I'm here to do. Not to become a celebrity or a star myself... As teased by one of the participants' entourage (he was joking politely). 

"Yeayy! Ida you are the star!"

I responded to him, 

"No, I'm not the star nor the celebrity dear. I am here to make Stars & Celebrities."

         Nur Syafawati (13) was the only girl who managed to win one of the top spots ;)

Stars in the making, John Cris Pangniban & Matthiew Chien

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Anonymous said...

Celebrity...masuk paper.

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