Friday, January 25, 2013

Like A Goddess

She's not only good at being our in-house hairdresser, 
she's also a gifted amateur makeup expert ;)

Above pic shows Seri (top and bottom) did a replica of goddess-like Nora Danish's makeup (centre). So cool! Yaahhh... I'm gonna get Seri to transform me into Angelina Jolie this weekend! :D

Alhamdulillah for all the blessings... As the children grow over the years, they each has developed particular interests and, flair ;) I'm so proud of them.

And adding to the list of Seri's 'achievement' as a I'm-a-daughter-with-special-skills, she recently managed to convince me that she is capable and worthy of being dubbed as a model. 

.... Carpark Model , to be precise.

As for Ayu, she has grown to be someone she obviously idolizes, 
a true fashion icon, she has become, 'Mini Me'.

Yup! That grey t-shirt says it all. 
Some fashion icon I am ~_~
Grey Goddess (??)

As for Hani, she is still too young to know what she aspires to be.
For now, she's just happy to be her sister's bully. 

"Kak Ayu! You owe me a ride..!" I do not know what happened earlier and how Hani managed to get her Kak Ayu to carry her all the way to the car. Clearly Ayu lost a bet or something...

"Mama, how do I look..?"

Regardless of how they look (well, to me they always look pretty), 
my answer never fails to annoy them,

me~ "You look beautiful girl..."

daughter~ "Hmm... Shouldn't be asking you Ma. You're a mother, no mother would say
to their daughter's face that their face look like they've been attacked by giant bees."

I do not know how they 'see' me. I'm simply, their Mama. They would comment about how I look only when I force them to say. But some other time, I would stand in front of them and open my arms in 'so? I look OK or not?' gesture, and they would just look at me and go, "hmmm..." Which means, 'ok, can step outside'.

I do wonder sometimes of their description of me. But never thought I'd find this in one of their old phones...

But hey, this can also means something else... Like, I'm Like A Diva.
Hmmm... not good. I don't like being labeled a Diva. Well ya..., I Am the ONE with the most yapping and nagging in the house. 

If this is how they 'see' me, I'm liking it :D
Really, who wouldn't?? Heheheheee..

So, weekend is here again. I've Little Miss Cheongsam coming up this Sunday. We are ready to crown the 2013 Goddess, errr... I mean, the 2013 Winner ;)

Hope you'll have a good one ya! Till next post, *goddess' goodbye wave*



∂a∂yana said...

whoaa, i am amazed with the first picture. :D i really love thick brow and she did that amazing! you must be proud! :D

∂a∂yana said...

Whoaa. I'm amazed looking at the first picture. I always ended up with frustration making my eyebrow thick and she did that amazingly! You must be proud Kak Ida! :)

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