Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Joyful January

January has been a lot of fun.. except for..

..that trippin' incident. -oh man- Still can't kneel in comfort. *oucchh!*

But I am still very grateful and feel so blessed, syukor alhamdulillah. We had a little birthday celebration in the family almost 2 weeks ago and boy oh boy how my boy have grown...! Now he wants a BlackBerry. Errpp... that has to be later dude.

On Arman's 1st Birthday

On Arman's 9th birthday (20.1.2013)

9 year old Arman loves his new Swatch! that I'm looking a the time, this photo was actually taken almost exactly 
9 years ago at almost the moment he was born ;)

My heartbeat =)

That's all we do most of the weekends when the girls are back from campus, we always have loads of fun eating, jalan jalan, eating, window shopping. Always a great joy with them... And also that feature for Hanicomb in Tribune2, super awesome!! Saya suka saya punya January 2013 =)

Weekdays are mostly like madness for me. Drowning myself  in midday traffic is basically my lunch. Think what to get for lunch, buy lunch, drive kids home for lunch, no lunch (sometimes, for me), drive back to office..., drive back home, sew & bead all night.. laundry, hubby, beading... Yeahhh!! All year my friend ;)

I've a few projects pending I don't even know how I manage all by myself to get everything done, I just keep on sewing and sewing till one's done. Then, go to the next order. Hanicomb latest one-of-a-kind 'nia' turquoise bib necklace was delivered to Singapore last weekend and I'm so happy orders keep pouring in. I'm seriously swamped peeps! O_0 

But I am happy :D


black & white cuff bracelet *in progress*

Vera Wang inspired rosette bib neklace *in progress*

Phewww.. I don't even have time to jot down my orders properly, all are in my head now and I'd better get them penned down. I better!

There's... Sal's bracelet & bib necklace set.

... Sharifah's belt, any colour she said..

Alin & Marie's cuff bracelet must get them done first, top in the list actually... And there's Ryna of Kuala Lumpur who's gonna bank in her deposit this evening. Let's see.. who else's.
OH!! Don't do NOT forget Lily's 2 bib necklaces... Mona's Korean inspired little bib necklace, little bit more...

Yup. That bib necklace for myself for brother-in-law's February wedding most probably will not happen.

We'll see.. I'll know how to find the time, in shaa Allah :)


StellaClaire-Richard said...

You have a sweet family. Happy family :)

Ida BorneoLove said...

hi Stella, thanks so much dearest... they are my gems :)

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