Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Weekend's Great Bargains

Exhausted, happy, bloated, uncomfortable, heaty, relieved, HUnGrY..
was all that I was feeling after the X'mas Tree Deco Challenge event at Sarawak Plaza
ended successfully last Saturday :)

The winning tree :) More pics coming soon HERE
BlackBerry pics annoy me sometimes.. I need apple or samsung, sigh *$$$$$$$$*

dessert after Sushi King :D

"Sayang... are you done?" the usual bbm I'd get from sayang after any event.

"Yea. Come now. I'm starving baby..." :\

as if he could read my expression, heheeee... 

See how happy I was after plates of Sushi King??
It was that time of the month, honestly DID NOT want to THINK what to wear.
Thepoplook top was simply the obvious no-sweat choice. 

Stuffed & tired
*thank you Arman for taking happy pics of mama* :)

And this over-decade-old tribal favorite skirt of mine saved the day! Really needed something not clingy, still fitted, very airy, but managed to make me look 'not fat' at the same time ;)

I was feeling 'it'. The hot flushes, stomach ache, my feet were about to explode out of my flats but I was very much in the mood for shopping. That was a bit weird you know... New Hush Puppies shoes would have to wait for my next visit to the next outlet, the one I went to above did't have the size I wanted. I need a new pair of pumps. And I wanted new tops. Been eyeing on those The Executive jackets too. Was waiting for the right moment to purchase and the time was just perfect. 'Bumping' into these few bargains had me singing all the way home ;D

Arrow top peeps!! Super cute, super duper bargain! YeayyYYyy!!
RM129 - RM38

The Executive sweeps!
Short sleeve top was originally over RM80, after discount, a bit over RM50 only.


I so Love IT! Why?? Because it only cost me RM104 :)
Superb quality, great cut with incredible colour!

I spent quite a hefty sum of money last weekend. It's okay kan? I've earned it ;)
Above; Voir pants. LOVE!! Jiggly belly tucked in perfectly, happy to purchase these pair
in cream & black.

"Papa... how much longer we have to wait ??"

"Arman, this is what shopping means with girls. WE men, WAIT."

More shoes,
because our feet eat shoes maaaa.... :p

Anything for my children ;)

Few major local newspapers published our event photos. 
Super cool. Thank you!

And pink 'LuLu' is 90% done! Alhamdulillah :)

Few more bib necklaces to get done by new year. Crunching time! Thank you so much to my family & friends (and new friends) for your purchases and orders. Crunching?? Heheheeee... Like I'm going into the gym, no no LoL :)) Speaking of the gym, my butt is getting bigger from sitting long hours sewing. Hmmm, how how how?? :p

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